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Doctv Latinamerica is dedicated to the production and distribution of Latin-American documentaries. It is an initiative of CAACI and is officially run by the DOCTV RED, a strategic structure composed of seventeen audiovisual entities and twenty-two public broadcasters in the Latin-American region. Currently...

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IBERMEDIA's goals are to promote the development of audiovisual productions destined to the Iberoamerican market and their co-productions, to promote the integration of Iberoamerican companies in supranational audiovisual networks. To create a positive environment for the development, training and exchange...

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No need to apply for a tourist
North America: Citizens of the United States, Canada and Mexico; Central America: Citizens of most Central American countries (exception Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic); South America: Citizens of all South American countries; Europe: Citizens of all countries within the European Union and Switzerland; Africa: Citizens of South Africa; Asia: Citizens of Brunei, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand; Oceania: Citizens of Australia and New Zealand / Regardless of the nationality, anyone travelling to Peru for business purposes, especially when business contracts or agreements are signed or business related financial transaction are made, has to apply for a business visa at a Peruvian Consulate before entering the country. The maximum stay on a business is 183 day per year.

Contact a Peruvian consulate.

ATA carnet not accepted.

The standard rate is 16 % / The Municipal Promotion Tax (Impuesto de Promoción Municipal - IPM) of 2% is also added to the value of goods or services used to assess the IGV liability, which results in a 18% sales tax overall.

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