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Department of Tourism has introduced incentive measures for foreign productions filming in Thailand with a goal to increase the number of high-investment productions. The incentive measures has been submitted to the council of Ministers and approved on May 10, 2016. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports...

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No visa needed for a 90-day stay:  Argentina,  Brazil,  Chile,  South Korea.

No visa needed for a 60-day stay: Brunei,  Canada,  France,  Germany,  Hong Kong,  Indonesia,  Italy,  Japan,  Laos,  Macao,  Malaysia,  Mongolia,  Philippines,  Russia,  Singapore,  Turkey,  United Kingdom,  United States.

No visa needed for a 30-day stay (if arrived by air), 15èday stay (if arrived by land): Australia,  Austria,  Belgium,  Bahrain,  Czech Republic,  Denmark,  Estonia,  Finland,  Greece,  Hungary,  Iceland,  Ireland,  Israel,  Kuwait,  Liechtenstein,  Luxembourg,  Monaco,  Netherlands,  New Zealand,  Norway,  Oman,  Poland,  Portugal,  Qatar,  Slovakia,  Slovenia,  Spain,  South Africa,  Sweden,   Switzerland,  United Arab Emirates.

No visa required for a 14-day stay: Cambodia, Myanmar.

Visa at arrival for a 15-day stay: Andorra,  Bhutan,  Bulgaria,  China,  Cyprus,  Ethiopia,  India,  Kazakhstan,  Latvia,  Lithuania,  Maldives,  Malta,  Mauritius,  Romania,  San Marino,  Saudi Arabia,  Taiwan,  Ukraine,  Uzbekistan.

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Work permits:


Work permits are not required for visiting crews staying for a period not exceeding 15 days. Crews enter on tourist visas and the film permits cover them to work. Crews staying for longer than 15 days require work permits.

Shooting permits are necessary and processing time varies depending on the project type, from 3-5 days for TV commercials, 10 for TV dramas to 3 weeks for feature films. Special permits are required for filming in National Parks and Historical Parks. Bangkok does not offer any city-wide permits, so you will need permits for each location you want to shoot at.

ATA carnet is accepted.

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