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The MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe supports the EU film and audiovisual industries financially in the development, distribution and promotion of their work. It helps to launch projects with a European dimension and nurtures new technologies; it enables European films and audiovisual works including...

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Fund Goal

To encourage co-operation between professionals working in different countries by providing financial support to European co-productions.

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Fund Goal

The Slovak Audiovisual Fund (Audiovizualny fond) has the following essential goals: increase finances in the audiovisual culture and industry; support to all parts of the film value chain (development, production, distribution, promotion and sales, festivals and other events, cinemas, research, education,...

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Citizens of the following countries do not need a visa for a short stay of up to 3 months: Schengen area countries, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica,Croatia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, United States of America, Uruguay, Vatican City, Venezuela.
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Nationals of the EU/EEA Member States and Switzerland are able to work without restriction in Slovakia. The employers only have to announce to their local labour office that they are employing an EU/EEA or Swiss national.
For all other nationalities a work permit is needed which their prospective employers have to apply for at their local labour office before they come to Slovakia. To obtain a work permit can be lengthy and difficult and the company has to prove that it has been unable to find a qualified candidate not only on the local labour market but in the whole of Europe. If the work permit is obtained, the individual has to apply for a residence permit at the Slovak embassy or consulate where he lives. And only once both permits have been obtained can the individual enter Slovakia.

No official permission is required for feature film shoots or any other type of production other than the normal requirement for permission from the owner of the authority responsible for the location in question. Permits take usually no more than a week.

Accepts ATA Carnets for Commercial Samples, Exhibitions and Fairs, Professional Equipment. For detailed information visit

VAT standard rate is 20% (since Jan 2011) Reduced rate of 10% for medicines, books and other printed matter. Goods and some services exported from the Slovak Republic are exempt from tax. Slovakia VAT Recovery Time: 12 months

This Act regulates the relations arising in connection with the creation and use of a literary work and other artistic work and scientific work, artistic performance, with the production and use of phonograms, audiovisual recording, with broadcasting and use of radio broadcasting and television broadcasting (hereinafter referred to as "broadcasting ") and in connection with the creation and use of a database so that the rights and lawful interests of an author, artistic performer, producer of phonograms, audiovisual recording producer, radio broadcaster and television broadcaster (hereinafter referred to as "broadcaster") and a maker of a database are protected. The Act further regulates collective rights management pursuant to this Act. Ref: Act No. 618/2003 on Copyright and Rights Related to Copyright (  

Social security rates for 2012: Employees: 4% pension insurance 4% health insurance 3% disability insurance 1.4% sick leave insurance 1% unemployment insurance Employers: Health insurance and hospitalisation 11.4% Retirement insurance 14.0% Disability 3.0% Unemployment 1.0% Accident insurance 0.8% Others 5.0% Total contribution is approximately 34.8% based on the employees’ gross remuneration subject to minimum and maximum amounts. The employees’ contributions are withheld by the employer from the gross salary and are paid directly with the employer’s contributions to the authorities. Different rates apply to contributions made by self-employed persons.

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Founded in 1993, the Art Film Fest is the oldest international film festival in Slovakia. Held annually in the Slovak towns of Tren?ín and Tren?ianske Teplice, it presents new trends in the world cinematography. For several yeas now, the festival’s programme has been organised into competitive sections,...

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